Sometimes I take photos of things. I use my iPhone 6, which has a very cloudy camera, or my Fujifilm X100F, which is awesome but bulky.


I recently discovered cinemagraphs. It's a cross between a jpeg and a gif, where only some of the elements in the photo are animated. I thought I would try to see how they work, so I took a few short videos of people exercising in the public fitness corners. Thanks to YouTube I was able to pretty easily figure out how to make them in After Effects (this video was super easy to follow). It's pretty obvious but I didn't think of it at the time - you should use a tripod or other makeshift stable surface to make sure there's no movement in the video, which makes the animation look much smoother. I was just taking a walk so did this handheld-style, you can see how the image is wobbling a little in the cinegraphs, although I tried to edit most of it out. It's ok for a first go.